Born from a social will and managed by volunteers, the Carrefour des 6-12 ans de Pierrefonds-Est was set up thanks to the collaboration and concerted efforts of existing organizations in Pierrefonds in 1992. Thus, five social groups invested human, financial or material resources for the success of the project: the schools Harfang des Neiges and Perce Neige, the West Island YMCA, the Coopérative d’Habitation de Cloverdale and the CLSC de Pierrefonds.

The Carrefour des 6-12 ans is managed by members involved in the community who are committed to the development and social integration of youth.

Our Approach

We advocate a global approach because we consider the young person as a whole. Our approach is also humanistic because our vision of the child is based on the theory that he or she has the potential to achieve his or her full potential. The emphasis is on the present moment and on the young person’s ability to become aware of his or her difficulties. These approaches can be applied in different ways depending on the needs of the youth; either individually, in a family or in a group.

Our mission

In a vulnerable and weakened, multiethnic and underprivileged environment, where 50 different nationalities cohabit, where some await their immigration status and the language barrier is very real, where cultural differences abound and perceptions of the school system vary greatly amongst parents, our organization seeks to promote the all-around development of children. With the help of parents and families, we work with youths aged 6 to 12 through socio-educational, sports and artistic activities.

Our vision

The Carrefour aims to be a catalyst for the potential of young people, a vehicle of energy for parents in all their diversity and complexity. As an Independent Community Action Organization (ACA), Community Dropout Organizations (CLOs) are an important facet of school retention. We strive for the ideal by employing a continuous cycle of achievement, evaluation and improvement. Partnership is essential in our desire to gain and apply new knowledge and to seek insights to improve our work individually and collectively.

Our values

What people are saying

This is to officially appreciate the staff and volunteers of the Carrefour 6-12 for giving my daughter the opportunity to partake in the 2018 Summer Camp.
She comes home with excitement every day of the fun, and how she’s learning new things. From playing basketball, visit to the Nature’s park; trip to Zoo Granby, the sleep over at the Camp Papillon with the accompanied take aways (WOW!) and the La Ronde rides (the screams!), amazing tales all the way.
The experience will be with her for a long time. You made this summer memorable for her. Thank you!!
Let’s do this again in 2019.”

Yours truly, - Mother off Modupeola

My name is Adoum Mahamat, my child Issaka Mahamat is enrolled in the theater workshop at Carrefour 6-12. Since he began his classes, I noticed an improvement in his behavior and his mood. He is very happy and never wants to miss a session.

It’s really fantastic !!!”

Adoum Mahamat

My daughter Johanna was part of the music team for the year 2020 /2021.
She is shy and reserved but I noticed that over time, her regular attendance at Carrefour 6-12 allowed her to open up and discover her talent. She learned how to appreciate each music class and she always looks forward to going there.

How did I know?

On Friday nights, I would see her getting ready with her trumpet. On Saturdays, she would leave the house a little early to pick up her friends so they could walk together.

Thank you for your determination to empower the children and to allow them to discover their talents while having a lot of fun. Thanks to Carrefour 6-12, Johanna has found a passion for music.”

Clarisse / Johanna's mother

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4773, boul, Lalande, Pierrefonds. Québec, HBY 3H4.

Phone Number: 514 685-9598

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Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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