Music improves brain power, memory, social skills, confidence, patience, and a safe way to express feelings.

Music classes

For the past few years, Carrefour has been offering music instrument classes.

The music teachers are very qualified and offers piano, guitar, drums, trumpet, saxophone, and flute. The music classes have become increasingly popular with families in the neighborhood.

In June, the young artists present a show in front of parents and guests. The adventure continues next year with our awesome music staff!

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Financial assistance is available for low-income families upon presentation of proof.

Music Classes

Learn how music classes at Carrefour 6-12 help kids be observant, sensitive, creative and allows them to express their feelings.

What people are saying

My daughter Johanna was part of the music team for the year 2020 /2021.
She is shy and reserved but I noticed that over time, her regular attendance at Carrefour 6-12 allowed her to open up and discover her talent. She learned how to appreciate each music class and she always looks forward to going there.

How did I know?

On Friday nights, I would see her getting ready with her trumpet. On Saturdays, she would leave the house a little early to pick up her friends so they could walk together.

Thank you for your determination to empower the children and to allow them to discover their talents while having a lot of fun. Thanks to Carrefour 6-12, Johanna has found a passion for music.”

Clarisse / Johanna’s mother