What Experts in this field have to say

Drama workshop – conscious attention to experiences

Watch Stephanie Vecchio (professional comedian) as she explains how drama workshops can help kids foster their imagination, increase their self confidence, reduce their anxiety, learn self discipline and improve their improvising & out-of-the-box thinking.

Art workshops – stimulating creativity and expressing emotions

Watch Annie-Claude Picard (professional artist) as she explains how art workshops can help children grow and develop their creativity, problem solving ability, communication skills, self-esteem & socio-emotional abilities and much more.

Music classes – expressing your authentic self and build confidence

Watch Jeremy Leon (music instructor) and Emmanuelle Sloutsker (music instructor) explain how music lessons can help children express their emotions, increase their patience and creativity, and boost their self confidence.

Trauma and healing

Watch Daniel Goldstein, LCSW (psychotherapist) and Gabriel Gonsalves (International coach and artist) as they explain what trauma is and how it can be healed through artistic activities.

Art and transcendence

Watch Christine Doucet (family specialist) as she explains the benefit of art in the life of children. Christine will explain how art can allow kids to get back to their original state of wonder.