A non-profit organization serving underprivileged children in  Pierrefonds

To allow students to tap into their full potential and flourish in life

Offer socio-educational, sports and artistic activities to our youngsters 


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Learn how Carrefour 6-12 promotes the all-around development of vulnerable children. With the help of parents and families, we work with youths aged 6 to 12 through socio-educational, sports and artistic activities and allow our youth to tap into their full potential.

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Annie-Claude Picard

Professional artist

Christine Ducet

Family specialist

Stephanie Vecchio

Professional comedian

Jeremy Leon

Music teacher

Daniel Goldstein, LCSW


Christine Ducet

Music teacher

Gabriel Gonsalves

Coach and artist

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What people are saying

This is to officially appreciate the staff and volunteers of the Carrefour 6-12 for giving my daughter the opportunity to partake in the 2018 Summer Camp.
She comes home with excitement every day of the fun, and how she’s learning new things. 

From playing basketball, visit to the Nature’s park; trip to Zoo Granby, the sleep over at the Camp Papillon with the accompanied take aways (WOW!) and the La Ronde rides (the screams!), amazing tales all the way.
The experience will be with her for a long time. You made this summer memorable for her. Thank you!!
Let’s do this again in 2019

- Mother of Modupeola

My daughter Johanna was part of the music team for the year 2020 /2021.
She is shy and reserved but I noticed that over time, her regular attendance at Carrefour 6-12 allowed her to open up and discover her talent. She learned how to appreciate each music class and she always looks forward to going there.

How did I know?

On Friday nights, I would see her getting ready with her trumpet. On Saturdays, she would leave the house a little early to pick up her friends so they could walk together.

Thank you for your determination to empower the children and to allow them to discover their talents while having a lot of fun. Thanks to Carrefour 6-12, Johanna has found a passion for music.”

- Clarisse / Johanna's mother

- Adoum Mahamat

- Adoum Mahamat